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DIY Flapper Girl Fairy Princess Headband

While I was home over the break I decided to venture out of my house and visit the local craft store. This is something I hadn't done in eons. Partially because I lacked the income and inspiration.
However, I recently hopped on the Pinterest boat. I've had an account forever, but my mind can only hold so many variations of the single password that I've used since middle school before it begins to let some slip away. And I always sigh at the whole process of recovering passwords.
Anyway, while browsing Pinterest, I found some craft items to conjure up and headed to the local craft store. It was great fun trying to find a bargain. In my small town, it is the only craft store and is so monopolistic about it. I cringed as I bought a yard of sparkle glitter ribbon for $18. When I finished my crafting I was left with more than half a yard of the beautiful stuff.  I didn't want to leave the ribbon sitting in a box so I came up with this idea.
Amazon has similar ribbon for le…