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Ancient Rome & More

Rome Loves Every Kind of Cat

In Italy, the middle ages gave way to the construction of new buildings. Instead of tearing down old buildings, in Rome new buildings were built on top of older ones. The site of Largo del Torre Argentina is just a small part of the old underground Roman city that is currently being excavated by archaeologists. Supposedly this area is where Julius Caesar met his end.
This site also happens to be the home of many cats who would otherwise be homeless. These cats are vaccinated, fed and cared for by cat lovers who work at the shelter. As someone who loves cats I couldn't help but spend way too much time watching the cats as they prowled through the rocks, crossed bridges and leapt up steps. I even took some pictures of the photogenic felines because who doesn't enjoy cats (and Reddit karma points)?

Aside from visiting cats, I also got the see the Pantheon (pictures coming soon) and several Jesuit churches.
Rome, Italy

Welcome to Rome: iPhone Diary

This week I am in Rome. The food here is terrific, the traffic is crazy and every building is so beautiful. After this week I will be studying in Florence for the rest of June.

 The view from my hotel room

 The Tiber River

 A dessert of chocolate cheesecake and pistachio cheesecake. Italian cheesecake does not taste like American cheesecake, its consistency is not as dense. Also it is not as sweet, but much more flavorful.

One of the many beautiful fountains in Rome.

 Cool graffiti and a motorcycle.

If You Do Not Hope

Somehow I have found myself completely prepared for my last exam with hours to spare. By the end of today, I will be halfway done with my journey through college. It is bittersweet.
This semester I really found my place. My freshman year I walked around in a blur, trying to figure things out and attempting to find myself, my purpose, my place.
It was turbulent.
I was never sad, but I did feel like everything was so static. A kind of an interstitial space. Just waiting for something to happen.
The first semester of this year was better than that. Then, over Christmas break, I realized I need to be the one to initiate what I do with my life.
And so it began...
I pledged a service organization, made new friends, and got to meet so many lovely people.
And I applied to study abroad and got a scholarship. Soon I will be on my way to Italy to study photojournalism.
When I return to the United States (fingers crossed) I will have an internship.
I have experienced more ups and downs. Have had m…