If You Do Not Hope

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Somehow I have found myself completely prepared for my last exam with hours to spare. By the end of today, I will be halfway done with my journey through college. It is bittersweet.
This semester I really found my place. My freshman year I walked around in a blur, trying to figure things out and attempting to find myself, my purpose, my place.
It was turbulent.
I was never sad, but I did feel like everything was so static. A kind of an interstitial space. Just waiting for something to happen.
The first semester of this year was better than that. Then, over Christmas break, I realized I need to be the one to initiate what I do with my life.
And so it began...
I pledged a service organization, made new friends, and got to meet so many lovely people.
And I applied to study abroad and got a scholarship. Soon I will be on my way to Italy to study photojournalism.
When I return to the United States (fingers crossed) I will have an internship.
I have experienced more ups and downs. Have had more fun and more stress than I ever thought possible this semester.
Next school year is already working on its own set of challenges, but I have hope that I will find what is needed to make it great.

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