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Monday, May 27, 2013

Largo del Torre Argentina: Sanctuary of Cats
In Italy, the middle ages gave way to the construction of new buildings. Instead of tearing down old buildings, in Rome new buildings were built on top of older ones. The site of Largo del Torre Argentina is just a small part of the old underground Roman city that is currently being excavated by archaeologists. Supposedly this area is where Julius Caesar met his end.
This site also happens to be the home of many cats who would otherwise be homeless. These cats are vaccinated, fed and cared for by cat lovers who work at the shelter. As someone who loves cats I couldn't help but spend way too much time watching the cats as they prowled through the rocks, crossed bridges and leapt up steps. I even took some pictures of the photogenic felines because who doesn't enjoy cats (and Reddit karma points)?
This diva cat seemed to enjoy having its picture taken.

This fluffy cat slept on a gate column even as noisy tourists passed by and took pictures.

This particular spot seemed to be the official hangout for the more social cats.
Aside from visiting cats, I also got the see the Pantheon (pictures coming soon) and several Jesuit churches.

Rome, Italy

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