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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obligatory artsy sunset in Italy photograph.
When I am not roaming the streets of Florence sampling Italian cuisine, writing, looking through a camera lens or sitting at a cafe sipping a latte, I am in class. At my university I am enrolled in two classes: Advanced Magazine Editing and Media Photography. Both classes are challenging and enjoyable in their own ways.
The objective of the advanced magazine editing class is to create a complete magazine about the Florence study abroad experience for future study abroad students. At first I thought it would be boring for the first few weeks, but it has been fascinating. Currently, we are working with another student who wants to make a documentary about the Madonnari or street artists of Florence. So far, we have compiled a list of questions for an interview we will be setting up with one of the most well known street artists of Florence.
In my media photography class we are moving a little bit slower, learning concepts class by class and not jumping into everything head first. We go to class, critique our photos and the photos of others, cover a new photography concept and then are given an assignment to work on before the next class. My current assignment is to photograph a silhouette, something colorful against a stark background (no flowers allowed), something that frames its subject, and leading lines/ interesting patterns. My next post should be filled with creative photos.
Tomorrow I will be heading to the Tuscan countryside for a wine tour with my professors and some of my classmates. I am looking forward to photographing the small renaissance towns and the beautiful countryside.

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