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Dinner for One: Veggie Lettuce Wraps

The other night I was craving some Asian food. Of course, it costs something like $5 for delivery here and I had a lot to do, so I decided to make my own, less salty, lettuce wraps. This is a perfect college student meal because the leftover wrap stuffing reheats and tastes even better the next day.

Sorry I am not that good at food photography. I try.
6 oz.mushrooms or substitute a chicken breast1/2 cup water chestnuts rinsed1/4 cup scallions1 clove minced garlic3/4 cup shredded carrotsButter Lettuce (I used iceberg because that was what I had on hand)2 tbs. brown sugar2 tbs. low sodium soy sauceCanola Oil Sesame oil (optional)Rice Vinegar (optional)Siracha Chili Garlic Sauce (optional) Lighthouse Sesame Ginger Dressing (optional)
Begin by dicing mushrooms, scallions, water chestnuts and garlic.In a bowl combine brown sugar and soy sauce to create the stir fry sauce. I like to also add a bit of rice vinegar to my stir fry sauce, but it is optional.Add a bit of canola oil and sautee scal…