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November Mixtape

It has been a mintue since I post my last playlist/ mixtape. (Insert apologies and excuses here)
Has anyone else noticed some sort of musical dry spell swept across the globe mid 2013 and has yet to go?
For a while I though it was just me being a snob as I waited for most of my favorite artists to release their records in late 2014, but no. Taylor Swift's new record will probably be the only solo record to go platinum this year and the music news section of most gossip magazines has subsisted solely on the rumors of Adele being back in the studio recording.
Anyway, I have finally found enough new/old/remixed tunes to share.
So, here I am shamelessly plugging a few bands I am promoting/ have promoted this year alongside a few songs from my favorite artists. Enjoy!

Side note: If you are feeling the 80s inspired sounds of T. Swift's 1989 be sure to give LIGHTS' new album Little Machines a listen.