DIY Wedding Send-off Ribbon Wands

Saturday, September 5, 2015

In a perfect world, I would have left my wedding with a sparkler send-off.

However, late in the wedding planning game I learned a sparkler send-off was just not going to happen. In order to have a sparkler send-off in city limits, I needed a licensed pyrotechinician and as it turned out, in the middle of last minute wedding planning craziness it is hard to find a licensed pyrotechnician.  So I got to work researching what I could quickly pull together for my wedding send-off. I came across some cute ribbon wands on a wedding website and decided to make my own.

Today I'll be showing you how to make the wedding send-off ribbon wands that were used at my wedding reception. Making these can be a little labor intensive, so get your bridesmaids, mom or sister to help. I ended up making around 100 wands and then also had bubbles as an option for guests to using during the wedding send-off as well. These are especially awesome for a bride on a budget because the supplies are so affordable.

Let's get started!

DIY Wedding Send-off Ribbon Wands
- Scissors
- Thin Wooden Dowels
- Sticky Tape
- Washi Tape
- Fabric ribbon or metallic ribbon
- Bells (Optional)

Begin by setting a piece of tape flat on the table. I recommend sticky tape, I used washi tape for this tutorial because it is what I had on hand. Begin attaching ribbon. Use as many as you want, it doesn't take too many to get a lot of sparkle going on at your wedding's send-off. I got my metallic ribbon from the party section at Hobby Lobby. It was pre-cut and ready to go.

Carefully roll the tape on to the dowel rod.

Use your washi tape to cover the tape you used to attach the ribbon. If you choose, you can tie bells to the ends of several ribbons at this point.

Fin. With a lower camera shutter speed, these metallic ribbons appear to have an almost smoky, sparkler-like appearence in photos. 


  1. This is really adorable. You can never go wrong with a cute do-it-yourself project. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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