What I Learned in 2015

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Give Yourself Some Time
At the end of 2014, I was in a very stressed out place. Between my job and internship I hadn't taken any time to rest. So in 2015 I enrolled in a yoga class and practiced yoga three times a week. Later this year I spent more time doing DIY projects and painting. One blank canvas became a painting on our living room wall. My long neglected blog was revived. Taking a little time to do what you love is so important, but so easy to forget.

Less is More
You don't need a lot to be happy. This is something, I've always believed. This year I focused on not accumulating stuff just for the sake of it. I went through my closet and got rid of clothes that I'd held on to since middle school. I also cleaned out my desk. Experiences are so much more meaningful than things.

Life is Short
This year my grandmother passed away, shortly after my grandfather passed. My mom asked for my help in writing both of their obituaries.While writing the obituaries, I realized how colorful, meaningful and wonderful both of their lives had been. Both traveled very different paths, but accomplished so much. It was a beautiful reminder that life is short, so live it to the fullest and love everyone.

Year in Review

January marked the beginning of my last semester of college. Most of my degree hours were complete, so I had room in my schedule to take a lot of fun classes including yoga, soccer and gardening. I was elected social chair of my service sorority. So I spent a lot of my time planning fun events. My last semester of college was truly a great way to wrap up four amazing years.

In May I graduated with a degree in Journalism, Public Relations & New Media. It was an exciting time. For the majority of my undergraduate career I had been planning to attend grad school to study strategic communication after graduating, but had a change of heart during my last semester of university.

Soon, I was walking down the aisle to marry my best friend, Mason. When I was younger, I never imagined that I would be married at 22. If someone had asked me before college if marriage was my next move after graduation, I would have laughed in their face and told them about my cat lady plans.
 I had never even really given thought to my wedding until I was engaged.  Life is so weird sometimes.

After the wedding, Mason and I headed to New York City. We had a great time exploring! We stayed at the Algonquin hotel and became friends with the hotel's resident cat, Matilda. We also went on a fun dinner cruise and saw the Statue of Liberty. Mason had way too much fun taking pictures of museum artifacts with my camera.

Dinosaur photo courtesy of M. Waldon
Soon, we were back in Austin moving all of my belongings into Mason's place. It didn't feel like home for a few months, but I liked it anyway.

Then the job search began. At first, interviews were difficult. I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted to do. When I finally I changed my name I was overwhelmed with job interviews, and I still wasn't sure about grad school, so I accepted a part time position doing something I love, and familiarized myself with the freelance writing world.
Everything was finally beginning to fall into place.

In early October, my beloved pet cockatiel of 15 years, Nicholas Cage, died.

October and November were not easy months. My grandmother passed away after a long fight with cancer and shortly thereafter, my grandfather also passed. During these months, I spent most of my weekends visiting home with my husband.

December arrived quickly. This Christmas was my first Christmas as a wife, which meant doing a lot of last minute Christmas shopping and celebrating four Christmases in a few short days. It was great to be surrounded by family.

Overall, 2015 was bittersweet.

Hello, 2016!
This year I hope to practice yoga more, meet new people and explore my city.
From Diamonds to Sand